Day Two

October 23rd, 2010

Well didn’t post much yesterday due to low (red warming level) bettery power. Today, I start all recharged and with recharge cord plugged-in even as I’m typing now and awaiting the guest speaker’s presentation for the day.
I slept in an extra hour this morning, Jazzercised in my hotel room and skipped breakfast. I happened to run into Evan Schnittmann, today’s keynote speaker, as I got on the hotel’s elevator to head over to Schoenbrunn. I was putting on my gloves and he asked if it was really that cold outside. I said it has been chilly and it is cloudy/overcast today, so likely a little chilly. That was our opening lines to one another. He asked if I was part of the wine conference and he said he was speaking at 11:45session. I realized he was “The Evan” our keynote. So, I became a conference assistant by making sure he made it from hotel to conference safe and sound.
Made it in great time — early for the coffee break.
Evan is speaking now on “the future of digital publishing.” I’ll stop and listen…
Getting a great history of digital publishing.
Now reviewing pros and cons of the Amazon Kindle, Applr iBooks and Google Editions.
What does this all have to do with wine, well rennet this is the wine BLOGGERS conference. Online communication of all forms is of interest. How are people getting their news online? How are people reading books and sharing them/ recommending them to friends? How are people personalizing their acess and usage of online communications? Things have changed dramatically in just the past four-five years and will continue to do so.
Wine Trip Chick can educate herself and reflect in many levels!
Now time for lunch!

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