Final Preparations

October 18th, 2010

Well, bag is pretty much packed.  I went with primarily black and grey theme with splash of purple, blue and red — all which will look excellent while holding a wine glass.  Two skirts, three pants (including one pair of jeans — my Dereons bien sur!), three sweaters (two are turtle necks), three tanks, two blazer-jackets, one hoodie, my black puffy-vest and four pairs of shoes (black hi-boots, black low boots, sneakers and pink flip-flops (which I use as slippers).  I’m going to travel in my workout pants, top and the hoodie — very comfy and saves more room.  Of course, I’ve packed three hats, two scarves, five pairs of tights, three head bands, one bra and plenty of brand new underwear!  Now, we just have wait and hope that our flight isn’t part of the 30% that get canceled tomorrow!  Mon dieu!

One Response to “Final Preparations”

  1. Regina says:

    Have fun! I already miss you here at work….It is so quiet and boring without you here..See you when you return….

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