What’s Wine Trip Chick?

Being the wife of a passionate and dedicated wine blogger (Tim Lemke of Cheap Wine Ratings.com), Robyn Bancroft gets to travel to some pretty awesome places and gets to taste some pretty amazing wines.  And although her normal life is a tad jam-packed what with a full time job, owning her own business, and spending as much time as possible with her girlfriends, Robyn thought it would be fun to share these “wine trips” from her particularly female and “Robyn’esque” viewpoint.  Her goal is always to enjoy the full experience — that means, not just the wine, but the culture, people, architecture, art, food, natural surroundings — everything!  She welcomes you to join her on the ride and perhaps — her experiences will inspire you to hop a flight soon too!

4 Responses to “What’s Wine Trip Chick?”

  1. Catherine says:

    Hey Robyn,

    I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your blog today when I was trying to find pictures for my own. I was, ironically enough, looking for “NASCAR wine images” to put on my latest and your picture with the flag and wine bottles was just what I was looking for. And…BONUS! I got a Sangria recipe to go with it!

    Anyway, being a fellow wino, I loved what you started here and just wanted to let you know. I credited your blog and put a link to the Sangria recipe on my own (http://nascarbradybunch.blogspot.com/2012/02/gentlemenstart-your-engines-ladiesstart.html).

    Are you writing anywhere else? I always love adventures that include wine….


  2. Hello, you would visit our winery in Georgia, Telavi Region, vil. saniore, we have 9 kind of wine and u can taste it and this information will be interesting for your readers,
    my mob: +995 599 565539
    best regards

    • robyn says:

      Would love to visit Georgia again! Beautiful country and such friendly people! If I return, I will certainly work to visit your winery!

  3. Hello there, I got over to your site via Facebook. Not some thing I generally read through, but I like your thoughts none the less. Many thanks for developing something worthy of reading!

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