Screw the Election! It’s 2 Weeks ‘Til Turkey, Baby!

October 23rd, 2012

 I cannot believe two weeks from today, I will have arrived in Istanbul, Turkey for the 2012 European Wine Bloggers Conference. Of course, the EWBC doesn’t officially start until my birthday on November 9th, but there’s lots of pre-conference activities planned, of course, to take in the sights and get a jump start on tasting the local wines! If you’re in the neighborhood or have some free time in early November, you should visit the website and join us! 😉

With my visit to North Carolina to care for my nephews and neice behind me, I’m now totally focused on this year’s BIG TRIP! I’ve been reading up on Turkey politics to familiarize myself with what “wonderful” things TH

 EY have going on. It’s actually been really interesting and educational, what with our own presidential re-election going on here in the states and foreign affairs such a hot topic. I mailed in my absentee ballot two weeks ago, so check that one off my to-do list.

Now, the focus becomes serious!…Time to look at the itinerary, check on weather forecasts, take inventory of my closet and find time to shop for missing necessities. I made a start while in Southern Pines, NC with the kids. I knew I needed a really good, sturdy — but cool-looking pair of ankle boots for all the walking through vineyards and wineries that I’ll soon be doing. Ankle boots seem to be the “in” thing which is cool, although I don’t really pay very much attention to fads. I just think the new boot styles are cute, comfortable, go with jeans, leggings and skirts — PLUS, I think they make my legs look skinny and that’s NEVER a bad thing!

Purchased these for 2012 EWBC in Turkey!

I spent a tad bit more on the pair I found in NC than I’d wanted, but they are the cutest black, suede Merrells. My 15-year old neice liked them, just not for her — which I accepted as a mixed-positive review. The only other two people who I’ve shown them to are my sister, Wendy, and my husband, Tim — who BOTH described them as very “European!” I added an “!” because in my world that is the highest, compliment anyone can bestow. I’ve also recently had lots of people describe my short hair style as “European” (friends, Tim, my stylist, and even my mother!!!). Okay, so back to my new shoes. I had to drop off my calf-high, grey, suede boots I bought last year in Rome to get the heels replaced and while I was at the shoe repair shop this morning (I use the one in Blue Ash on Kenwood Road — they’re awesome and not as expensive as the one in Mt. Lookout — for all you Cincinnati folks reading this), I picked up some Kiwi Select Super Protector that the clerk recommended to keep boots safe from rain, mud, spilt wine and other bad things! They’re sprayed, along with my almost-to-knee-high, brown suede boots (I’m seeing a suede trend here…hmm) and drying on the dining room table (isn’t that what YOU use YOUR dining room table for?!?)

I’ve drafted a wish list of other clothing items I need, or more likely just want! A quick look at The Weather Channel online for Istanbul and Izmir (the actual city where this year’s EWBC event will be held) show that temperatures in November range in the hi 50s/low 60s during the day in Istanbul (Mid 60s in Izmir – although just a week ago they hit 91!) and hi 40s at nightime in Istanbul (low 50s in Izmir). I’m planning on layering and peeling things off as needed. Pants, jeans, and skirts with leggings for bottom half.  Tops, dresses, sweaters, light jackets, and maybe one coat for top half. Definitely scarves and hats for up top too! I’m going to keep to a black, grey color scheme, so I can mix and match. With likely blue and purple as my jots of color. The key is being stylish and comfy without packing your entire wardrobe. I always pack my clothes with dryer sheets layered in-between or wrapped-around to keep things fresh. I also bring some Woolite to freshen-up undergarments, so I don’t have to pack 13 pairs of panties and tights!

Clothes and shoes aren’t the only things to pack. If you’re a flat-iron user like me, it’s always wise to check on what the electrical supply will be for where you’re traveling. The electrical current in Turkey is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC). Wall outlets take Continental-style plugs with two round prongs. Last year in Italy, I had purchased a $50 adapter to use on my U.S. flat iron. As soon as I plugged it in and turned it on, it made the worst electrical-clicking sound and smelled like it was burning its circuits or whatever its internal components are called. I feared that I’d burn-out my $100+ flat iron, so would up finding a Continental flat iron in a very swanky hair salon. So, yes! I’m the owner of two flat irons — one U.S. and one Continental — too hilarious! I’ll be packing my Continental one for Turkey and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly (stay posted…).

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