Silician Wine – How Would YOU Vote?

November 1st, 2012

My husband, Tim, is a wine blogger too (however, a MUCH more accomplished one – Just over a month ago ago, the Consorzio Tutela Vini Etna D.O.C. invited him and a group of about 15 other wine bloggers to travel to Sicily for a 5-day wine educational tour to the Mount Etna region of Sicily. The trip was sponsored by the Camera di Commercio Catania and was intended to introduce the group to the great wines, vineyards and producers of the region. I was quite jealous, but Tim has worked hard on his blog for years, tasting and rating countless wines and building a great following. He, of course, had a fantastic trip! He has three posts about the trip on his blog and after reading all of them — you’ll feel like you were there alongside him walking through the vineyards and tasting the wines yourself!

The purpose of THIS post is not to brag about my husband, but to share that the Mount Etna Consorzio folks just announced that they will be awarding one of the bloggers from the trip with “THE BEST POST” and another with “THE BEST PHOTO” — from content they gathered during their visit. The Consorzio is going to announce the two winners at the EWBC in Turkey in just over one week. Each winner will receive a trip for two to Sicily!!! There are no rules and the  judges are unknown…it is going to be a complete surprise!

Of course, I want Tim to win! DUH! I’ve never been to Sicily — what a way to go, right?!? I mean, if he wins he BETTER pick me as his #2 or else there may be trouble in our household!

Since there’s no rules, I thought it might be fun to hear how YOU would vote. Plus, I’m enjoying reading not only Tim’s, but all the other bloggers’ posts, seeing their pictures and living vicariously through them to experience Sicily and thought YOU might too!

Here’s the link to the site —   Click on “Storify” to read the posts — then, you can “Like” and “Comment” on the posts you find interesting.  Click on “Gallery” to view each blogger’s photo folder.  Take a look and feel free to post back here who you would vote to win for best POST and best PHOTO!

Stay tuned — after the winners are announced at EWBC, I’ll share who actually gets picked. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed — hoping Tim will win, of course!  If he does, then I’ll be able to share about MY OWN Mount Etna, Sicily wine experience!  –CIAO for now!



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